Hot stamping?

  1. I'm fairly new to louis vuitton and I already have an obsession. I ordered a Neverfull GM and it came in the mail today & I'm over joyed. I was wondering if I can take it in to get hot stamped or do they only do that when you buy the bag then and there? If I can, does it cost anything? How long does it usually take?
  2. You can take it into the store and they will hot stamp for you for free. It usually will take the store a hour or two to do the hot stamping.
  3. Thank you (:
  4. Your welcome, glad to have you on the forum.
  5. Yeah, enjoy your NF GM!! I love mine!
  6. Recently bought the NF the idea of getting it hot stamped......where do they do it on the NF...anyone have a picture of theirs I can see?? Thanks
  7. I believe the only place they can do it is on the oval patch that attaches the handles to the bag. I have seen a couple pics here on tPF and it's usually just one initial.
  8. Check the hot stamp clubhouse. They stamp the front of the leather strap. I've seen ones with 1-3 letters. Although my boutique would not do it on a NF. You can always purchase a luggage tag and get that hotstamped.
  9. Thank you to both above, think I will get the luggage tag or this one.