Hot stamping question! Going to store tomorrow!

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  1. Hello lovelies,
    I am in Alabama but I believe we will be making a trip to the Nashville store tomorrow. I have never been there and the only store we have here is inside a Saks! Which is great but I can't wait to get to the big store!

    Question! The little tabs on the ends of the cosmetic pouches, can those be hot stamped? I am still unsure as to what print I want so that would be awesome to hear opinions on too!!

    Thank you!!
  2. I don't think so. My guess is the tabs are too small to lay down completely flat on the machine.

    Let us know what they tell you. Some SAs are more adventurous than others when it comes to hot-stamping.

  3. Yes. Not sure all locations would, but I've seen it done, I'll see if I can find one of the posts too. (

    Have a great time! :smile:
  4. Thank you both so much! I mean I don't wanna be the Guinea pig but I will certainly try! But what print?! I love them all! My only other slg currently is the compact zippy in mono.
  5. Oh oh, mini pochette or cosmetic?
  6. Interesting! Thanks for sharing :smile: