Hot stamping or not ?

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  1. I bought my first LV saturday (the speedy mini lin ebene) and the SA asked me if i wanted it hot stamped .

    She told me it is free and will take 10 min.

    and i don't know what to do ... any advice ? :sweatdrop:
  2. Well, if you love your bag personalized and sure that you won't want to sell your LV in the future, then why not? ;)
  3. ya... the question is do you plan to resell your bag? IMO, you should not because it's your FIRST LV and this should mean something to you on a deeper level. You can always resell future bags, kwim? So if you ask me, I'd say go for it! make your first even more special to you :yes:
  4. I have never done it before.
  5. The only bag I would ever hot stamp would be my speedy 30 monogram.

    1)its my favorite, and ill never ever resell it
  6. Go for it! Which boutique do you go to? Mine will only heatstamp luggage tags, boo.
  7. if you plan on keeping it forever and want it to be personalised, then go for it!
  8. I personally wouldn´t get anything heat stamped because I eventually tend to get bored and resell. :smile:
  9. Thanks to all of you ... (once again sorry if my english is weird mais je parle français :p).

    This bag is very special to me, my first designer bag i waited so long...

    So i went to LV to make it hot stamped and it was a scary experience :wtf:

    I went to the "personalization office" and a guy took my bag from my hands and show me different colours for the hot stamp.

    I told the guy i wanted something very "light" and small ...

    He told me "go for the dark pink"
    I was :confused1: and told him like a joke ... "yeah that's right and why not the bright pink"
    The guy "ohh yess it will fit your style perfectly (i'm brunette with very short hair dressed in black from head to toe today).

    While i was thinking seriously about the color, he put my bag on the hot stamping machine.

    I asked him " which color do you advice?"

    And he said "the one i'm gonna put on your bag right now" and he stamped my bag !

    i was :wtf: and :push:

    I gave me my bag and it was perfect. (see the pic).

    It's the LV store in Brussels, Belgium
  10. congrats. it looks great.
  11. If I were you I will not heat stamp on the bag, maybe buy a luggage tag so you could take off if you decide to sell the bag in future~
  12. Congrats, your bag looks stunning and the heat stamp adds a little something special which is nice for your first LV!
  13. he did a fabulous job, congrats!
  14. i love heatstamping!
  15. 10 minutes?! I had to wait 3 days for my luggage tag to be stamped! :rant: