Hot stamping looks off?

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  1. What do you all think of this hot stamping? I ordered the iPhone folio in Damier graphite with the light pink stamping and the alignment looks off to looks like the "V" is out way further than it should be? Or is it just me? It also looks like there is a very small part on the "V" letter that is missing the pink color....

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  2. I agree. The V looks spaced too far out and its a poorly stamped V at that. I could probably live with the space if the V was perfect but its not.
  3. It is definitely looking tipsy. And the V is not fully there. Sorry. 🙁

  4. +1
    I had a similar issue with my DG pocket agenda- the spacing was okay but the last letter seemed to be a little incomplete.
  5. Looks off.
  6. Ok so it's not just me! Thanks everyone! I'll call customer service and see what they say. This is my first hot stamp item so I'm not sure how the "complaint" process works lol! Wish me luck!
  7. Agreed
  8. Between the uneven spacing and the portion missing off of the 'V' it would drive me nuts every time I looked at it. If it was one or the other it might be alright but both:wacko:
  9. I agree....I was thinking maybe I should just get over it and save myself the hassle of returning it but it bugs me every time I look at it and being that it will be my phone case, I'll probably look at it 500 times a day! Lol *sigh* I knew I shouldn't have done a hot stamp!!!!...I'm just a sucker for the Daimer Graphite with pink!
  10. This is your hard-earned money being spent so don't settle for less just because of the 'hassle'. When hot stamping is done correctly it's beautiful but when it gets iffy your OCD will go through the roof...been there, done that, none of my things are hot stamped.
  11. You're absolutely right! I won't settle!...but I'll probably never hot stamp anything again! Lol lesson learned for me!
  12. could you not scratch the hot stamp off?
  13. Just drink a lot before you look at it and all will look amazing!
  14. I agree, you shouldn't settle for this. I would not be happy with it and it would bug me.

    I've often considered getting my things hot stamped, I would love to but I'm too nervous it won't be done properly and I'll regret it.

    Do LV take these items back if it's not done properly or how does it work?
  15. If LV honestly messes it up (crooked, lifting colour, unevenly spaced, etc.), and not just a customer being unreasonably anal with a magnifying glass, then they will often either replace the item or more likely send it off for repairs to remove the stamped area, whichever is most reasonable.