Hot stamping help!! :(

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  1. Recently was given a speedy 30 as a birthday gift- was hot stamped with gold initials. However, had to return to the store as the top edges of both letters were missing gold. This was corrected on the spot, however upon returning home I have no realised that the gold surface now appears to look cracked, as well as the edges looking messy and undefined. Is this normal??? I remember the SA saying that he put another 3 coats on top (?!?). It actually looks really terrible and messy. Any suggestions what to do about this?? Im so upset :sad:
  2. can u post a pic? if it looks horrible, they should replace that part for you and re-stamp it.
  3. here is a pic... hope its ok quality

  4. You've ended up with two threads on this somehow.. :girlwhack:

    I don't think you can do anything, I'm sure that thing you always have to sign when you hand something in to be heatstamped is a waiver if you don't like it. I can see it's not cleanly done but it's probably not atrocious enough to be called replacement worthy. :sad:
  5. Oops I thought the first thread hadn't gone through..sorry..

    It was given to me as a gift- I never signed anything. I only went back the second time to have it corrected and the guy only went quickly out the back to do it. I didnt really notice until I came home what it had actually turned out like.

    So you dont think its replaceable? I honestly thought it was pretty bad, but I might just be really picky. I just assumed for such a luxury brand their services would be of the same high quality.
  6. I think you could ask them to replace it.. I'm not that picky when it comes to pre-loved bags.. but when it comes to the ones i get from boutique they have to be perfect!!
  7. I would def. go back to the botique again and at least see what they can do... You had a new bag purchased so it should be in perfect condition (including the hot stamp). LV doesn't advertise their hot stamps like this, so I think its unfair for you to have your hot stamp turn out like this.
  8. That is why most boutiques do not want to hotstamp items.

    It looks ok no worries.
  9. I think the heatstamp turned out okay. Stop worrying about it and enjoy your bag! :smile:
  10. I were worried too.

    My NF GM is in paris to get fixed (bought it 2 Month ago!!!:cry:smile: and when its back to the store in Berlin I wanted to get it heat stamped too but now I am kinda concerned.

    You should go back to that store and lets see what they could do.
  11. ehh that would really bug me. sorry i am very picky. hope they can fix it for you.
  12. I'm debating on getting my damier speedy stamped but not sure what colour. Any suggestions? Btw, your stamping looks fine. I like the gold!!