Hot stamping done - can I return?

  1. dear all, my hubby recently bought a mini lin bag for me with hot stamping on the "address holder". I was told by the SA that it cannot be returned nor exchanged once it was hot stamped. I just want to find out from you, the expert, is there any way to get my bag exchanged?
  2. no.. that's soooooo not allowed. personalization and customization of any sort is not returnable or exchangeable. this is a big commitment when people get their stuff hot stamped, because some people sell their stuff or give it away so that's hard.

    just like customizing/monogramming sheets, linens, bath towels, robes, clothing, etc.. once it's done, it's done. sorry.
  3. No you can not return it!
  4. No, I am sorry but if you hot stamp an LV they will no longer accept returns or exchanges for that item.
  5. Hmm... you could try selling it on eBay? :shrugs:
  6. Its so hard to accept but thanks for the comments..

    hmm....btw, do you think LV sells the "address holder" separately? the one in dark brown leather?
  7. Do you mean the luggage tag? They sell them separately and you should be able to return your mini lin bag if you buy them another luggage tag and keep the one you had hotstamped?
  8. I was just wondering why you didn't like the bag?
  9. Btw, I have not told you the bag my hubby bought for me. Its Mini Lin Diaper bag (so called, but i personally think it can be used as travel hand carried bag as well and other day-to-day use).........This bag is a newly launched bag and there has not been sold in eLUXURY yet. Attached herewith the pictures if you have not seen the bag.

    Well, may be I should just keep the bag. I like it but its never in my wish list. Here are my contemplations:-
    (1) With the price of this bag, I can exchange with 2 other bags which I really like (i.e. Hudson and Lexington)
    (2) I find it is relatively too pricy for a diaper bag (as if not so value for money...i don't know....:p)
    (3) How long I'll be using this bag is questionable.... I would probably use it for another 3 years and when my kids turn 4 or 5, I would probably not need the bag anymore.:confused1:
    Mini Lin.JPG mini lin2.JPG mini lin1.JPG
  10. Wow, what a nice bag! You can always sell it in 3 years...
  11. hi cola262, there seem not possible/ not easy for me to sell the bag in my country :push:. Here, we buy and you either use it for life or sell to friends. Internet selling/ 2nd-hand shop is not so popular/ not practical over here :sad:... so if I keep it, i would probably use it for other purpose after 3 years.. :shrugs:
  12. ohh thats a really nice/cute bag!

    you could possibly use it for a long time (ie when you travel etc)..doesnt even look like a diaper bag
  13. It's a lovely bag!
  14. Its Beautiful...I think you should keep it and use it!!!! and BTW, what country are you in that you can't do that?? Just curious?
  15. that bag is gorgeous!!!! I say keep it!!!