Hot stamping at LV

  1. I'm just bought my partner an LV wallet for xmas on the weekend. Whilst in the shop i wanted to get it hot stamped with his intials but the SA said it can only be done at certain times during weekdays. As i work i dont think i'll get back before xmas. In other people's experience do you think it's ok to take it back after xmas to get done and is there a time limit? :confused1:
  2. no, i don't think there is a time limit.
  3. what? a certain time? never heard that... and eventhough... they could've just taken your wallet and keep it at the store till that certain day comes to send it in for heat stamping....

    of course it's ok to take it back after xmas. LV will do heat stamps even after several years as long as it's authentic and in heat stampable condition :smile:
    just go there after xmas...

    hope your partner likes it :smile:
  4. It depends on your store. Even the flagship stores cannot do them quickly, as the one in NYC took more than 2 weeks to do my lousy luggage tag !!!!!
  5. there is no time limit, i had my wallet heat-stamped 3 years after i bought it. back then i didn't know that i could get it heat-stamped.

    maybe they just worried that they couldn't get it done before xmas, if you really want to give the wallet before or on xmas day then it's probably better if you get it done after xmas when they are less busy
  6. To my recollection, they will only heat-stamp goods that are in 'good condition'. This is the only rule. There are not time limits or anything like that, though the store may provide you with an approximate time it will take to heatstamp which may depend on staffing levels, availability of equipment etc. I think you can take it in whenever. They won't say no, and if they do then just take it to another store. I'm from the UK though, if that makes a difference...
  7. I've been an LV fan for a bit now, but I only heard of 'heat-stamp'-ing on TPF - what is it, and why do you get it done?

    Just want to know, so I can take my Damier Speedy to get heat-stamped ^_^
  8. Don't worry you can go to the boutique after christmas, there is no time limit.
  9. Thanks guys. We went back on the monday and due to 'high demand' of Hot stamping there was a wait list of minimum 2 weeks!! :wtf: I would have thought it would only take a couple of minutes to do!! If i left it there would be nothing under the tree for him :sad: oh well i'm going to wait till the new year