Hot stamp confusion

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  1. #1 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    After much browsing on TPF I found exactly how I wanted to have my luggage tag hot stamped (the image i've attached is the example I showed the store). So I finally managed to get into a store and showed the below image, and I was told they can't do it like that, and their template only allows for initials to be stamped centrally.
    In the end I just decided to leave, as I think I'd rather have a plain luggage tag then one I'm not happy with.
    Is anyone aware of whether this 'template' system is true? Or has anyone had initials put anywhere else which wasn't right in the middle of the tag?

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  2. How did you envision it to look?
  3. Not sure what you wanted but I think it looks lovely.
  4. Sorry, I should have mentioned in my original post. The attached image is what I'm wanting, but sadly can't have! I was told they can only do it directly central - yet couldn't explain why the image I showed them (which is what I want) was at the bottom above the Louis Vuitton Paris stamp.
  5. Sorry - forgot to use Multi-vote in my above post.

  6. Hello there. This is my department, let me help :smile:
    They have a special template custom made for luggage tags, they just have to fit it in as a puzzle piece and from then on they cannot really screw it up, but the stamp will be centered, it will be right in the middle of the tag. There is a a cool video here (, but I made a screenshot of the luggage tag holder. See attached.
    But, there is another method used for every other piece. It is shown in the first frames of the previous video, but I took a screenshot again and added some extra graphics to explain the process some more. This is a transparent targeting device, and the crosses on it made up of the thicker lines are there for a reason. If they carefully center the ® sign under the bottom cross, then the monogram will be right under the upper cross. After they successfully positioned the SLG under the targeting device, they swap it with the copper letters and make the actual monogramming.
    This is why – if the customer doesn't insist – the monogram inside most SLGs is warmly advised to be put right above the LOUIS VUITTON branding.
    So to answer your original question, yes, they could easily do it, it would only had required a little more extra work. Maybe it is local store policy (because they screwed up too many hot stamping before), or they were just too lazy. But please don't give up, if you want to it to be done like that, try another store or try another, lovelier SA. Maybe with a small gift. Good luck!

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  7. Very informative. Thank you!