hot shoe..but i dont know about the price..

  1. any thoughts?:confused1:
  2. it's either going to look ridiculous or fabulous. no in between!
  3. That's the "Neuron" style.
  4. I agree 100% about this. I hope it's the latter and not the former though.
  5. OMG I just noticed the price for this sandal on NM is $1,345 -- for black suede??!! I thought the price for the roccia python version might be in that ballpark but for plain black suede....??? Unbelievable....
  6. Oh I love this style! I immediately reserved it in roccia python after I saw it in last month's Vogue.
    The CL boutiques are also getting it in electric blue suede! I think that it is going to look beautiful on.
    Although I am surpised at the price, I recall the price being $1,300 for python, not suede. I bet that this is just another one of NMs pricing discrepancies.

  7. i hope so..IRL this shoe the blue sounds nice too:heart:there goes my shoe ban..
  8. love it, think it's awesome
  9. I'm not crazy about it in black, even it was cheaper. The python version is pretty gorgeous.
  10. I saw the python version in Vogue for $1350, but the suede wasn't shown. Also, I saw a Versace with red soles on a model also! Not cool Versace, not cool.:tdown:
  11. someone is going to be able to rock these shoes...i am not sure i am the girl for the job though
  12. I love those but would prefer them in a cream color for spring/summer now I don't get the price :confused1:
    and will certainly not pay that much. I also tink they will only look good on a very slim foot I fear that my toes would hang out (I hate when they do that :yucky:)