HOT Rouge Bowler

  1. geez, i know, don't tempt me, that bag is eating away at my brain :nuts:
  2. What is the retail price on that bag? (I promise I'm not going for this one ... just curious... ;) )
  3. HOTTTT!!!! Wonder how much is retail on this style too... (and no, I'm also on a shopping ban so I'm not going after this, at least not now lol)
  4. I have this bag:yahoo: The retail in the UK is 670 - so this appears to be a great price! I don't know what retail is in Europe and US though?
  5. I'm getting this soon- it's on the way!!! LOVE it!:yahoo:
  6. The leather of yours is better;) ;)
  7. ^^^:yahoo: Yippee!:yahoo: You rock l_b!!!!:supacool:
  8. ^ ohhhhhh I'm SO jealous, zac!!!! I *think* this is my next dream bag lol
  9. I can't get over how nice the rouge vif leather looks.
    The bowler is one gorgy bag!!
  10. And don't forget that this seller is a sweetheart :flowers:
  11. I like the leather on this particular bag. Nice distressing without being overlyveiny.
  12. Here's mine! I'm posting my pic all over all threads! Hope you don't mind!
    Hat- you need to get this style!
  13. oh, yes! I can also personally vouch for this seller! She's WONDERFUL!

    zac--I wish I could, I would snap this up in a second! But you know why I couldn't :sad: Maybe in a little bit, once I get a little more settled down :yes: We could be rouge-vif-bowling-bag twins :girlsigh:
  14. omg, this style is really growing on me! so cute!
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