Hot Pink, Would You?

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    Hey Ladies,

    What do you think of these shoes? Are they classy or not so much? I can't afford them now but I really like them. Maybe if you guys hate them I'll have an excuse not to buy. :confused1: TIA
  2. got a pic?
  3. I like them!!!
  4. Love hot pink!!!!!!!!! buy em :tup:
  5. not for me, sorry.
  6. I love them....
  7. I like them! I'd probably wear them with jeans or white pants.
  8. I wouldn't describe them as classy, but they are really fun. I'd wear them! :smile:
  9. I like them..the heel is a little bit too high for me though
  10. Thanks everyone for your opinions.
  11. Sorry to be an enabler, but I like them :tup::smile:
  12. :wtf::drool::drool:i love these shoes!
  13. Well I went ahead and ordered them. They will be my first pair of Italian shoes. Hope they're worth it. I'll post pictures when I get them.