Hot Pink Nail Polish

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  1. what's your favorite hot pink nail polish?
  2. nars schiap!
  3. Milani makes a nice one, or you can try Estee Lauder. I just got a hot pink fuschia color from them-they have THE best bottles ever
  4. OPI strawberry maragrita! My all time FAV pink.
  5. opi strawberry fields
  6. MAC "Gee Whiz" - A little on the darker side, but I like it not too light.
  7. I'm wearing L'Oreal Bijou Gems right now.
  8. OPI That's Berry Daring
  9. OPI Don't Know :dots: Beets Me !

  10. mac steamy and chanel paparazzi
  11. OPI Dutch Tulips
  12. Some Jordana one that I've had for years. Can't recall the name though, and can't find the bottle either. BTW, to_the_nines, Strawberry Fields is the cutest name for a varnish ever!! And it suits my musical tastes so well, I might get one if I manage to find it.
  13. OPI Strawberry Margarita
  14. that's exactly why i got it... i :heart: the beatles. it's a nice pink w/ a bit of blue microshimmer. it was part of their psychedelic collection.

  15. i love steamy as well!