Hot pink muse w/diamond or silver hardware

  1. :confused1:


    I discovered this beauty on Has anyone seen this IRL?

    Here is additional info. posted on their site:

    Hot to handle: five bags to brag about
    YSL Muse: Prices start at about $2295.
    Looks like: An oversized old-fashioned purse with a Y outline stitched into the sides and handles big enough for a shoulder.
    Carried by: Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman.

    Do you think it's an evening bag version of the muse?
  2. I've never seen it but it's a beautiful the hardware too.
  3. OMG, I'm drooling... :drool: It's gorgeous!
  4. yes. it actually comes in a pink crocodile patent also. i seen that one irl at the waikiki boutique. it's small.
  5. :nuts: You have seen it?!? Cool! Is the hardware made of small diamonds, or is it very shiney silver? I cannot find a pic anywhere else, and I cannot zoom in to see the details. Any more info. is appreciated! Thank you!!!
  6. I actually don't like it at all...
  7. Oh man, if they just made a normal PINK leather muse i think i'd die from shock! It would definitely plunge me to buy one!
  8. I'm not sure if I would actually wear this as much as I like it. I think the muse should have a more classic look, this is a little Paris Hilton for me actually use but its a fun bag!
  9. Congrats to Maggiesze1, who just got this gorgeous pink muse!