Hot Pink Metallic ("First") on eBay

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  1. No ... this is NOT my Hot Pink metallic, but those of you who were salivating over mine (which is the Medium City - now called the "City"), a smaller version (originally called the City Classique) is now up on eBay:

    The only problem that I see, is that the card is wrong - it says 2005, when it should say '2004' (this was from the 2004 Holiday collection - the seller does state as such).

    These bags (especially this color) are rare, and this one is in pretty good condition - and the price ain't bad either!

    Good luck!
  2. CeeJay, that is my bag :smile:. It hasn't been used, brand new with the tags still attached. I did find the scratch on the underside of the shoulder strap, but only noticeable if tilted just right.

    It is rare, got it straight from the boutique in Convent Garden, London. Thanks for the post.
  3. I'm in love! But that beauty would probably collect dust in my closet because I would be so afraid to take it to school.
  4. Is there regular magenta and metallic magenta?
  5. It is the metallic magenta :smile:
  6. I LOVE :love: LOVE :love: LOVE :love: my Pink Metallic ... and yes, it gets a LOT of wear!! As far as I'm concerned, this was the best color of the 2004 Holiday lot!
  7. Thanks for the info CeeJay.
  8. BorsaBella - do you buy any of your B-Bags in Texas? My sister lives in Houston, but I can't seem to find any stores around the area that carry them (or at least that she brings me to!).
  9. CeeJay-No, not Balenciaga, but other brands. I really don't know Houston that well (even though my husband is there during the work week (oil business) ). Maybe Tootsies, I'll call and see.
  10. borsabella - your bag is absolutely gorgeous. i am in love with it and woiuld totally bid... if i had the funds right now $$$. once i saw that bag on ebay, i was like ahhhh it was so hard to close the window hahahaha. it is GORGEOUS though that is my favorite color balenciaga. nicky hilton rocked it with casual and formal wear and it totally works with both. casual as in a tank and denim skirt not sweats lol. how come you never used it?
  11. I am a mother of 3 small children so, I haven't found the right occasion to use it. If my husband was in town more often (gone for work) then maybe...

    Thanks!! I love the classique size, especially for this color.
  12. :nuts: 0o0o i totally love it! i wish i could buy it! if it wasnt metallic i would totally click the buy now or stick a bid! i totally want a magenta b-bag!:love:
  13. You know you need a going out bag! Perfect!! :love:
  14. Sold!! To the same person that bought the Chloe Paddington. Thanks for the sweet notes!!