Hot Pink Coffer

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  1. Just want to share what I found at a HK website!!!! I LOVE IT! anyone seen it?


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  2. I saw it on NAP. I love it but I am sure it isn't to eveyone's taste.
  3. Sorry, it is the Fuchsia matellase tote on NAP
  4. Anyway I love it :smile:
  5. I like it too! I love pink bags and Miu Miu makes such nice ones.
  6. Lovely! I love pink too!
  7. Sorry I am from Australia. What is the HK wesbite? I want to start stalking this bag!
  8. Well the only good thing about it being sold out is it is a relief for my credit card :smile:

    I have a great pink bag that could use updating. I alway get comments on it. Pink really makes a statement. I hope someone on TPF gets it so we can drool!
  9. i love the coffer bag, but do not personally like this colour, it is far too bright and does not really go with a lot.
  10. that site seems like selling fake bags
  11. I saw it at Harrods, London, you may check it from there.
  12. does harrods ship internationally???? ^^
  13. I remember last season seeing this pink in real life in the distressed leather and it didn't work for me. The softer pink was lovely, but I worried about getting it dirty.
  14. You should have this pink bag authenticated on the "authenticate this" thread before you buy. It doesn't look right.