Hot Pink Chanel


Dec 24, 2005
Hello All-
This is my first thread in the Chanel section. I'm crossing over a bit from LV! Are there any Chanel bags out right now in hot pink? Have there been any in the past? If so, what are they called? I could do Chanel, but probably not in something as classic as black (even though it would be timeless). Thanks!
i just sold a hot pink flap in lambskin on Ebay. I never used it so I had to part with it. It was cute though but the color was too loud for me.

That's beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, what was the original purchase price, and when was it released? (I'm largely ignorant regarding all things Chanel).
There was a bright pink heart link flap bag that Chanel made for valentine's day, does anyone have a picture of that ? That was the cutest Chanel ever !
i havent seen alot of caviar in bright colors, its because it comes out darker, or what not, lambskin comes in many colorfs cause it takes so well to the color and dyes....

and i love the magenta heart link, if you can find it :biggrin: