Hot Pink Briefcase

  1. Hi ladies - I know someone showed this in the drilldown thread a couple of weeks ago, but I saw that this is now available from the Bleecker Shop if anyone is interested. The item number is 12278 and the retail is $498. To be honest, I don't like it as much as I thought I did, but I am starving for some hot pink!

  2. someone has this and there were only 10 of them made - she has a picture in a thread somewhere - odds are small you'll get your hands on one.
  3. OMG - I hadn't heard that! Geez!
  4. :love: but only 10 made :crybaby: No chance for PCE for this then. Too cute!
  5. I would totally love this for work!! Tres Chic!!!
  6. doesn't make any sense! it is such a lovely item... LE kill me
  7. I love the color - with so many of us loving pink, they've got to give us something more to drool over and purchase! Could you imagine a Carly in this color? I'd so totally be in love!
  8. Wow! Really?

    I kind of like it. I wonder if they are going to make more colors? Blue, gray or whiskey would be nice.
  9. Very nice briefcase!! too bad only 10 were made... :sad: a little bit pricey too!
  10. Its my bag, and yes I have 1 of 10 and they told me I got the last one. As to why its on the legacy site, I don't know. It didn't pop up there until a week after I bought my bag. But you'll notice you can't actually ORDER those bags off the web site. You have to go to the store. Or if you call they may ship them too you. Though if you do the "find this bag" option and look for in NY it tells you its not available.

    Anyway, bag is much smaller than I thought it would be from the pics, but totally gorgeous. Its the absolute perfect size for my macbook. In addition to my post in the reference library here's the thread from when I got back from my shopping trip.
  11. You are a lucky lady :drool: I love the Lexi :love: