Hot or not?

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  1. Okay, fellow MJ lovers... help me decide. I was in San Diego on business and wanted to get a bag to remind me of my trip there. Went into Nordstrom downtown, only to realize they didn't have an MJ section at that location. UGH! I only had an hour break from my conference, so there wasn't time to head for another store. So the SA suggested I look at some other bags... and branch out to another designer. This is the bag I ended up with... the L.A.M.B. Verona in black, just as pictured here. [​IMG](No, this is not me in the pic... ha ha.) Reminded me a bit of the YSL Muse in shape, but has fun hardware and detailing. Now I'm home and wondering if I made a mistake. I'd love to hear what you all think... hot or not? And if I don't keep it, what suggestions do you have for a good bag to add to my collection? Do you stick only to MJ bags, or do you branch out to other designers? Currently I have:
    Hudson (Chili)
    Venetia (Silver Metallic)
    Ursula Tote (Cola)
    Ursula Hobo (Cola)
    LE Stella (Black)
    Stella (White)
  2. Ooops... forgot. Also have Diane (Black)
  3. I really like the LAMB ....
    I like it in the rasta colours....but itis really up to you....
  4. Oh, I think the Verona looks like a really nice bag! If it works for you and is well-made, I'd keep it.
  5. the more i see the pix the more i like it - i think its a keeper!
  6. The picture makes me think of the Muse and the Novak, for some reason. It is cute, but if you don't love it, send it back! You didn't mention the price tag, but I'm sure that for the money, you should have something you love!

    I don't stick strictly to MJ, but it is certainly one of my favorites. Is there a certain shape you'd like to add to your collection?
  7. It was about $835 with tax, so not inexpensive. Hence my thinking if I am not totally in love with it, it should go back. Hmmmm... as for shapes, not sure. I think I want something I can carry on my shoulder, and I don't like anything too formed or stiff.
  8. I love that bag. I have seen it in person at the Nordstrom I go to. Its fantastic you will love it. Shaped very similer to the hudson so you should love it.
  9. I like it.
  10. Hmm.. I am not loving it, but it's really about how you feel about the bag.. if you feel that you were pressured into getting the bag by the SA, and aren't really in LOVE, then pass it up for something else. IMO that's a lot to spend on a bag that you're not in love with!

    and I'm jealous of your hobo in Cola!!
  11. Not really my style either. If you find that you need to talk yourself into keeping it, then that might be a sign that you should exchange it?
  12. You've got to love it if you dont just return & get something you really love....
  13. I have a white satchel similar to yours, and I love it.

    I think I may even like yours better, for the shape! It's really nice!
  14. I really like it.... but that doesn't matter. If you don'tlove it take it back. Put the money toward a bag you just can't live without. Good luck! :smile:
  15. If you have to ask you should probably bring it back and get something you really love. For that price I'm sure you can find something you like better. It's a cute bag but not something I would pay over $800 for. L.A.M.B is not a designer I like though.