Hot or Not??

  1. [​IMG]

    I was looking into buying these marc jacobs for fall. Love them :heart: or hate :yucky: them? They are on sale for $175!!!!!
  2. I like the style but I don't know about the little tassle things in front.
  3. Very cute!
  4. i LOVEEE them!!!
  5. LOVE them!
  6. Great shoe!!
  7. Very cute for fall, if you can walk in them - those are really high (for me anyways).
  8. yea im so short that Im used to walking in higher shoes... anyways i live in Miami so its not like i have to walk a lot lol! i wish they had them in brown!! i love brown for the fall!
  9. I think they will look cute with some wool trouser pants for the fall!
  10. :love: ohhhh yea..or even with a wool skirt with tights. I should plan a trip just to wear them somewhere colder than miami LOL
  11. Pretty shoe but not nuts about the tassles.
  12. Cute. I love heeled loafers.
  13. If they work for your lifestyle and wardrobe...then get them!
  14. I really like them
  15. love them!
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