HOT or NOT?!?!

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  1. obsession carre sunglasses but in light honey...
    [​IMG]I want them...what do you think?!?
  2. Hot!!! I love mine!!
  3. The are hot on many. Not on me.
  4. ummm.... I personally find that it depends on the person's face/shape and the colour.... cuz I can be wearing them totally wrong and look ridiculous while another person can rock 'em, ya know? So I guess I'd have to see them on the person irl...
  5. ^i totally agree. I :heart: :heart: the look of most LV sunglasses (esp. the carre, rond, etc). Love the color, the shape, design, etc. But when I try them on at the boutique, they were totally not for me! :tdown:. With sunglasses, you REALLY have try them on in person. LIke others have said, they can look amazing on some people and totally weird on others. Unfortuantely, every single one of LV sunglasses looks ridiculous on me. :sad:
  6. I also agree. You should try them on if you haven't so already. Obsession Carre are gorgeous sunglasses!:yes:
  7. HOT! I really want some Ginas in honey glittter.