Hot or Not?

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  1. Since we have the Shag or Die game on men. Let do one on women.

    Hot or Not?

    Angelina Jolie?
  2. HOT

    Hillary Duff?
  3. NOT (she's pretty buy not hot if ya kwim?!)

    Cameron Diaz?
  4. Hot
    Paris Hilton?
  5. NOT!!

  6. hot
    Nicole Richie. hehe
  7. NOT!

    Meg Ryan
  8. Not

    Zang Ziyi?
  9. NOT!!!

    Jennifer Aniston?
  10. Hot

    Brittany Snow?
  11. Not!

    Nicolette Sheridan?
  12. Hot for her age

    Demi Moore
  13. Hot!

    Donatella Versace
  14. SCARY!!!!! NOT

    Marcia Cross
  15. Hot (love her hair)

    Eva Longoria?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.