HOT OR NOT? What do you think?

  1. Hey everyone...

    My current financial situation has me on a serious purse ban and as much as I would love to slurge on a nice expensive bag...(sigh) I MUST wait until AFTER April!
    But that does not mean that I haven't been looking at less expensive bags...I figured that if I could find a cute little bag for the club or beach, etc. then I can curb some of my other cravings until AFTER APRIL. Anyways heres the some fun bags that I was thinking about...

    CC Skye handbag $695: I wanted to buy the double wrap leather bracelets and I came upon this bag... its so cute because the bracelets can come off and be worn like bracelets! there is also a detachable strap that comes with the bag.

    The other bags that I was thinking of was cuffz by linz. I think that these bags are super cute! The first one is champage cowhide leather with taupe swarovski crystals ($325) and the second is oh bondage in champagne leather with rose gold hardware ($425).

    What do you ladies think about this bag? Yay or nay?
    CCskye.jpg Cuffs.jpg cuffz.jpg
  2. I personally would not pay $700 for that bag. It's not terrible, it just doesn't seem like that expensive of a bag to me. Sorry, JMHO...
  3. I like it! Although I think your ban would be more satisfying if you saved and actually banned all purchases until after April, then you could get something really fabulous!
  4. I just saw thats its $700 - what kind of purse ban says you can spend $700 on a bag? Thats not a ban in my opinion!
  5. LOL! I was thinking the same thing....$700.00 when you are on a ban seems like a lot and I think it would be much more satisfying to wait and put that money to better use, like buying the bag you really, really want.
  6. ^^ LOL... I was thinking the same thing... As for the bags though... I like the first one best out of the 3... I don't think I like it $700 worth though.. Maybe calm your handbag cravings by getting a new wallet, coin purse, keyfob, or a pretty scarf!
  7. I love the c.c. skye bag. I just bought a pink one that is really nice from L360 and it is really well made. Best wishes.
  8. I'm usually an enabler, but with these bags, I would wait until after April for something truly fabulous.
  9. You want to spend $ 700 on a bag??? Are you really on a purse ban???
    Regina :confused1:
  10. April is only about 6 weeks away, you can wait.
  11. I say save your money until after your ban to buy something that you're in love with. None of these do anything for me.
  12. Save for something later.
  13. i wish my purse bans meant $700 bags, LOL!!!! i agree with the other ladies - hold out for something you LOVE! :smile:
  14. ITA with slidegirl! I like the handcuff bags but I think they could look trendy/dated in a bit.
  15. I'm sorry, but I hate all of them. The handcuff bags are very Paris Hilton a few years ago (Obviously I'm not a big fan of hers! At least not her style.)

    Definitely stick with your ban and get something FABULOUS when it's over!!