Hot Or Not #2

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  1. Not.

    Nicole Kidman?
  2. Definitely not now. Possibly when she was younger.

    Daniel Craig?
  3. Not.

    Yang Mi?

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  4. Not.

    Tila Tequila?
  5. NOT.

    Vanessa Williams?
  6. hot

    christina aguilera
  7. .....not

    kat dennings
  8. Not.

    Christina Ricci?
  9. Not !

    Jennifer Lopez ?
  10. Kinda hot.

    Rosario Dawson?
  11. Hot !

    Elle Macpherson ?
  12. Hot!

    Kate Moss?
  13. HOT!!!!

    Heidi Klum
  14. Hot.

    Carrie Underwood?
  15. Not really.

    Amanda Schull?