Hot off the press from Chanel Las Vegas

  1. Well ladies and gents, today was pretty eventful for me. I'm a Las Vegas local and each day to and from work, I seem to find mysef in my car with traffic passing all of these fabulous stores.

    I found the courage to make my way to Chanel during NASCAR weekend.

    So far, here's my mental picture of what goodies they had in store:

    1. Bronze python Soft and Chain. TDF. This is the hottest bag I've ever seen! All the girls huddled around for a peek.

    2. Jumbos in Black and White.

    3. Python totes

    4. GST with gold hardware

    5. Every Paris Biarritz style and color

    6. Cerf Tote in beige

    7. Diamond stitch hobos

    8. Baby animals tote and flap

    9. Country Club Totes - White and Green

    10. Graffitti Bags

    11. Cotton Club - bowler -black & bronze, Tote-Black and blue

    Hope this helps if anyone is searching for these items!

    :party: :party:
  2. Does anyone know how much the paris bairritz little pouch bags cost and what they are called?
    And how much do the totes retail for? thanx.
  3. Oh--I would love a python tote. If I ever go to Vegas, I'm shopping, not gambling!

  4. The small tote retails for $995 and the large tote retails for $1475.
  5. I thanks for the info! would have loved to see the python soft and chain!
  6. Great info - thanks!
  7. Does anyone know how much the Python soft and chain goes for? Which Chanel in Vegas, Wynn or Bellagio?