Hot news, sale of Hermes in Brussels

  1. Just got on the line my SA, they will be helding a sale of Hermes including bags in Brussles.
  2. Whaaaaat? Oooooo, are you getting anything??
  3. yes, I am going there for sure.....:smile:
    BTW any ideas where I can get a Kelly sport bag?
  4. Whew, you want a deal getting an exotic for less than one at the store would cost? Have I got a link for you... :yahoo: designer accessories at a fraction of the price.

    I've been checking that croc out forever but decided to keep waiting for my bag. Happy hunting!

  5. Angelfish, thanks a lot for help!
  6. what should i expect at the sale? I haven't been at the Hermes sale before, please give me some tips!
  7. When is it?
  8. All you living in Brussels are LUCKY!