Hot new black LV in this months In Style

  1. OMG!!! I love the new black LV purse in October's issue of In Style Mag. Page 33. It's in their new ad. I'll see if I can scan it somehow....

    It's black with patent trim and the amber color chain attached. :love: Does anyone know how much it is? Anyone see it IRL?
  2. please scan it..
  3. :yahoo: Now that's Hot! :heart:
  4. I know, I am dying to see it IRL!! I am hoping it's not huge like a lot of their bags. It kind of looks like the shape of the speedy.
  5. It looks like the Stephen bag! Anyone else want to confirm or deny this?
  6. The material like they use for Cathy bag..either way it's hot!!! It doesn't seem that big..
  7. hot hot hot
  8. That's Stephen bag in all leather!!!:nuts: :love:
  9. Do you know what size it is? Is it larger than a speedy 30?
  10. I hope it comes in different sizes........... I can't wait for this line to hit the stores.....:love:
  11. hot.
  12. OMG that is so gorgeous!!
  13. omg i love the bag

    but i am more in love with the model. DU JUAN! :heart:3

    omgosh. cant wait to get that ad and place it onto my bedroom wall. :smile:
  14. love it!