Hot Mustard

  1. I know its a long shot but...
    Is there anywhere on earth wherein a girl could get a Mustard Balenciaga? I am new to B Bags :love: but I adore the color and feel it would be a unique addition to my handbag collection. However, I know that it was a seasonal shade and is no doubt out of circulation. I've been peaking at eBay but I only seem to stumble upon fakes.

    Either way I'd like to get a B Bag at some point this year, though it seems like all the colors I want are old school :shame: If anyone has one of these beauties in Mustard and could post a picture of it I'd be much obliged. I need something to gawk at!
  2. The only place I know of is eBay...a couple sold there recently. Keep hunting eBay and hopefully you come across one! I am pretty sure NRichie has this bag and I adore it (I'll see if I can find pics for you). Best of luck finding it!
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