Hot List Colours For Crocodile Birkin 35cm

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  1. Hi , I would like to know from somebody who really loves croco birkin ,:yahoo:if we can make a list of HOT COLOURS....colours so beautiful and rare to get that you can consider them ...THE MOST WANTED....
    roy blue ...emerald green ... grafite.... rouge h.... Which colour, in your opinion of hermes lovers ,make the' already difficoult to get birkin ' almost impossible but...very unique and special.
  2. ok here is what is really rare (or hard to get)

    - ficelle
    - beige rose
    - poudre
    - greige pale
    - blanc
    - baby rosé
    - rose agathe
    - vert pale
    - gris claire
    - vert jasmin (well out of productio but it was hard to get)
    - bleu brighton (pretty difficult in larger pieces)
    - sable d´or

    there are others but i have to go for dinner will add tomorrow
  3. Is this different from agate rousse, that rich orange color?
  4. i would love a crocodile birkin-it's my dream bag! unfortunately it's not going to happen anytime soon...
  5. :yahoo::Thank you diamonds that bag is really amazing.....EMERALD GREEN IN MIGHTYKISMET .....
    it's this bag a real rarety and it's worth the money they are asking for?
    Please replay.... thank you
  6. poudre :girlsigh::tender::love:
  7. yes it a shade of pink and extreeeemely rare
  8. Blue Brighton croc Birkin!
  9. Hermes pinks are gorgeous - it must be stunning!!
  10. Lilach,

    rose indienne (another "candy" pink)?

    Rare, right?
  11. actually that is a color that still keeps me puzzled as there are TWO rose indiennes one rose american indian(a softer version of fuschia) and one rose indienne and then there is babyrose and rose agathe and according to my manager all of them are different looking as no bag took the dye the same way(read as one baybrose/or other pink will not look like the next one )the reason behind that is that the light pinks the crocs a re bleached before beeing dyed . but he told me actually all of them built up on one another means the first pink was babyrose then followed by indienne that is darker and rose american indian beeing a surprise outcome of a fushia dye and the newest rose agathe that is right in between babyrose and indienne
    so now i hope you are as confused as i am LOL
  12. ahhhh! It makes sense, actually!

    That Rose Agathe is to DIE for...I hope you're getting something in that.
  13. ah and to come back to agate rousse (agate without H) is just what it is english agate is that stone while agathe (with H) is the name of a rose (and a female name btw)
  14. Hmmmm ... I'm getting very confused with all these names. Are all these colors available for order at Hermes?