Hot Hot Hermes

  1. I was in Beverly Hills to spend some of my hard-earned money today. (I worked on July 4th and was paid a time and a half :yes:). I stopped by Hermes to check out some more bracelets and to my surprise, THE AIR CONDITIONING WAS BROKEN! It was positively sweltering. It was way too hot to try anything on and it got me thinking, what if there were exotics in the back?? Is the heat and humidity damaging? Are those bags sold?

    Needless to say, I didn't find anything at H but had a little fun at Barneys. I could live in that store!
  2. So, what did you pick up at Barneys?
  3. hmm yes what did you? :graucho:
  4. Iron Army Skinny Jeans by Novio Fernandez, some Penguin outerwear and a Lacoste polo.

    I do have a little H sumthin sumthin on the way! Palladium...Black Box....I'll post pix when it arrives!

  5. belt?
  6. Pousse Pousse!
  7. Can't wait to see pics!!
  8. hmmm ... not fair ;P~ but we can wait (how long?)
  9. Soon!!
  10. :rolleyes:allright then :smile:

    btw your buys are nice;) will you show then off too?
  11. thereallouis, glad you had a good time. Last time I was in Hermes BH the water was broken and no one could use the restrooms. SHEESH how old is that building??

    Hope you cooled off in lovely, decadent Barneys!
  12. Gazoo...There has been chatter about driving up to BH to meet with you and a Ms. G Kelly. We should definitely make it happen!
  13. Congrats TRL :yahoo:
  14. A pousse pousse? I love it, been pondering getting one myself! Pics!
  15. what is a pousse pousse??!!