Hot guys wearing True Religion Jeans

  1. Not my cup of tea...
  2. is that the type of guys you like?? lol :shrugs:
  3. Definitely not my bag!!
  4. Not my idea of hot guys...
  5. Eeeeww! Doesn't float my boat.

    IMO, guys shouldn't be wearing designer jeans. They should stick with Levis, Gap, and maybe Lucky Brand; otherwise it looks like they are trying way too hard.
  6. What??? My other half always wears designer jeans, wouldn't ever wear any of those mall brands....
  7. Ummm... no..
  8. Ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning with those pictures.

    FWIW, my guy refuses to wear any jeans more expensive than Lucky... and Lucky jeans, at $120, were a struggle. Although with a 36" inseam, he's pretty limited!
  9. Uhm.. That second picture almost made me hurl.
  10. eww gross. the last picture reminds me of stupid abercrombie frat boys. sorry, not my cup of tea either. im not a big fan of flashy true religions on guys in general.
  11. LOL Arnott I'm doubting whether it's the guys or the jeans you're looking at? :lol:

    Why would it make you hurls though, girls do stuff like that in ads all the time.
  12. You mean to say hot gay guys wearing True Religion jeans, right?
  13. :nogood:
  14. I know some guys that wear True Religions, and they were 100% straight, and they only wear it when going to a club

    ROFLMAO @ everyone being disgusted!! you guys are funny