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  1. i hope it works out for me ... i ordered a MBMJ tate tote from heery's ... guess we'll see ... my gf has ordered from there before and had no problems tho ....
  2. I'm not quite sure what came over me. I was cleaning out my purse closet and found a Linea Ptelle that I havn't worn in forever. Realized how much I love Linea Pelle. Went on a spree and bought 5 new bags. Omg. Can't wait to get them. Will post pics and mod pics as soon as they all come.
  3. Can't wait to see!

    Wondering if I should pick up Dylan clutch (black or crimson); they also have tmoro in stock. This will be $96 today. Also, the crimson chevron small flap cross body? It will be $104 or something like that....hmmm? Don't really need them but sort of want 3 items :graucho:
  4. That's what I call a splurge!
  5. I love crossbody bags, they always come in handy for me. My collection consists of big bags, big clutches and crossbody bags.
  6. I managed to refrain and just got these 2 LP clutches. I came close to picking up some cute See by Chloe bags and a black Treesje Whisper. Oh, and I tried on the giant LP studded Perry tote (blk)! doesn't close securely enough for me but I'm having 2nd thoughts about the Treesje Whisper (nice)!

    Linea Pelle clutches.jpg
  7. ^ Love em!
  8. Absolutely!!!! I just got my Dylan Chevron in Crimson. It is amazing. The color is so rich and beautiful. Love it....will post pics soon.
  9. Someone needs to buy that cute moss mini speedy! My mom has a mini speedy in concorde and I always try to steal it from her, it is such a cute bag.
  10. Yes, please someone buy the moss mini speedy! Or else I will! And I really shouldn't!!!
  11. Do you have anything in moss? Perhaps you should! :giggles:
  12. I have always wanted the Moss mini speedy.

    However, I have a scotch speedy that's just a bit bigger than the mini and it's almost too small. I also bought a little Kooba bucket bag in a cute green color. And we just put in a new furnace and central air. With all that said, I want it but I'm trying to talk myself out of it. :wacko:
  13. Just found a dylan foldover tote(the older style with the tapered top) from a site called bhfo for $200. Hope its legit. I get it Friday.
  14. The price of that brown speedy on bonanzle is kind of high as a deal. You can find them much cheaper than that.
  15. I never saw it beofre, maybe a prototype or something. That seller does sell a lot of LP.