Hot feature on Marc in November W Mag PHOTOS for his fans posted here!

  1. I absolutely love our Marc Jacobs! Is there really another designer that comes close to him? Seriously? I would love to spend a week just hanging out with him, bunking in his artfully inspiring Paris apartment and going to work with him...Marc if you are out there hey send me a PM!

    Well, for all you other Marc fans there is a fantanbulous feature on him in November's W (their Art issue). Yes, Richard Prince has some pages too, but not a write-up like Marc. Marc shares with us tons of full page photos of his gorgeous Paris home...and remember these are W-sized pages--they are big--couldn't even fit them all on my scanner! I have included 3 to encourage you to buy the mag this month. The photos are a piece of artwork in themselves...shot beautifully. Marc shares a lot in the article; talks about his passion for contemporary art (mentions Prince), discusses his love life, and talks about his obsession with jewelry and says, " new interest in jewelry will definately show at some point in working on the Vuitton jewelry." :woohoo:I can hardly wait! The article ends with Marc telling us he loves being melancholy being by himself and likes feeling lonely and a little sad. He is such an artist! It is a great read and a great insight into this amazing man.
    mj-w.jpg mj-w2.jpg mj-w3.jpg
  2. Wow, thanks for the scans! :yes:
  3. im going out for my copy now!
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  5. Wow he is in amazing shape!
  6. hmm I spy Versace mat...
  7. Marc is HOT!
  8. could you scan front cover 'W' magazine?
    so I can looking for it various bookshop!!

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  9. November's cover is 5 different covers. Each with a diff star on it (from Richard Prince designs). So the cover could have Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina, Jessica Simpson, or not sure of the other actress...


  10. The 1st pic really reminds me of Scarface

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    I love Marc, he's a genius!
  12. he's so skinny and fit now. looks sooooo different!
  13. I was thinking the same thing!!
  14. Wow! Thanks for the scans! I love them. Let's see... They might sell W somewhere in the Netherlands. Oooh, I might go to Amsterdam on tuesday, they MUST sell W.
  15. thanks shelia, great article!! you can see some LV in his closest!!