HOT DEBATE: Shop by 866 or @ eLuxury?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I would appreciate some feedback on experience and preferences between calling 866 to shop or shopping online at eLuxury.
    Thanks and remember:
    Enjoy Life! Enjoy Louis!
  2. If I'm not going to the boutique, I'd rather buy from sales tax! And sometimes they have free shipping promotions too!
  3. Exactly~ Plus discounts through certain sources...:tup:
  4. Free shipping on eLuxury this week!!!! And they have the new Denim Neo Cabby and the new Suhali bags on there now.
  5. But if I don't care about the cost of shipping, wouldn't I have more choices from 866? I have been an eLuxury shopper for years, but I've started wanting items not always in eLuxury's inventory. Does 866 offer greater choice?
  6. the 866 can search the entire country for any item that you want if it's not on eLuxury, so in essence i suppose the 866 does have a bigger selection :lol:
  7. Yes 866 has more of a selection. :yes: I still prefer to save on shipping and no tax with elux.
  8. eLux = no tax = sometimes free shipping = LOVE.

    for me, a dollar saved is a dollar saved! lol [or put to good use on other purchases....]

    I think I'd use eLux.
  9. I would rather go to 1866.
  10. Well, I certainly appreciate all the good information.

    As I said, they know me well at eLuxury, maybe too well. I was just looking for another source I could hit from my car or cell or whatever.

    There's never enough time for buying more Louis, but that doesn't mean a person always has time to be in a store.

    I'd rather buy Louis while walking along the beach.

    Love Your Louis. Love Your Life.
  11. Well, if the item you want to purchase is available on elux, by all means, take advantage of no tax, and possible free/less expensive shipping. If you have to have something tracked down, 866 is the way to go. The people who helped me were SO friendly, and the entire process was seamless! If it's an item you have to have, the smal difference in cost is worth it.

  12. Thank you. A great summary. Enjoy Louis, Enjoy Life!
  13. eluxury to save tax if money is issued