HOT DEAL! Any Rebecca Minkoff Bag (MA, MA mini, Matinee,) 30% ENDING TODAY!

  1. As many of you know, Label 360 ALWAYS has the 20% discount code. Sometimes they have the 25%, but right now until the end of the day, they have the 30% off code!

    The only Rebecca Minkoff bags they have on the site right now are the Black w/ Black Basketweave MA Mini, and the Dark Gray Matinee BUT what a lot of people do not know is that you can special order ANY Rebecca Minkoff bag in any color with the 30% off code. I just ordered the regular MAB in Black w/ Basketweave for 30% off and its not on the site. Just call Brittany at Label360 and describe the bag you want and the color!

    Her number is 1-877-shop-360

    This is a great and RARE opportunity to get some of the most coveted RM colors at a great price that were not available at the sample sale!

    Let me know what you get!:yahoo:
    mabminiblkbw.jpg matineedkdkgrey1.JPG matineedkgrey.jpg lindsay-lohan-rebecca-minkoff-bag4.jpg jessicasimpmatineelg.jpg

    *NOTE: Just called them again, apparently if you leave a voicemail after they close at 5, they will still honor the 30% coupon. Just state what you want and that you want to use the code for your purchase. However, I suggest calling before they close so you can explicitly state the bag you want, the size you want, and to get it ordered and on its way to you!
  3. Oh I'm so tempted to get the dark Grey Matinee!! I missed out on the Nordies sale. I would just hate to get it and find the price lower somewhere else. Honestely is $434 a good price for that bag??

  4. Honestly, I dont think you will find it lower than the price at Label360. I had thought's 25% code was awesome, but 30% off a HOT REBECCA MINKOFF BAG is INSANE!
  5. what is the coupon code?

  6. Yes $434 is a GREAT price for the bag. There is no tax, free shipping, and it is a HOT color that will sell out. The less popular colors can be found at a discount but I have yet to see the dark gray discounted. In my experience, the popular RM colors sell out before they even get a chance to be put at a discount

  7. GOSHOP30
  8. thanks!
  9. Damn it! I want the Grey Matinee so bad I can taste it and now I have this opportunity. But I have 4 RM bags coming from the Sample Sale. I can always sell one of them on eBay LOL...
  10. If it's returnable, I say go for it! You can always send it back if you change your mind.
  11. Weird, the price was $550 for the it says $595.
  12. $550 is fo the MA mini, $595 is for the MA (Which I ordered) You can order either one with the discount, just let her know which one you want
  13. Well OK I ordered the Grey Matinee!! God I hope I love that color lol...
  14. thanks!!
  15. Yeah I just ordered the matinee too. I sent an email message stating that I would like to use the code. Wheew. Can you say BAN!?