HOT DAYUM... Chloe resort... check out this bracelet bag..

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  1. Resort is online now... yay... check out my fav.. the bracelet bag :drool:

    yours for a price of $2760.. OMG... a little overpriced??? :crybaby:

  2. wow.... crazy expensive, but so beautiful..... I already want it!!!
  3. HAHA! You know D & G wants that bag anyway...LOLOL!
  4. That is fricking HOT!
  5. haha! I'm going to see how much it weighs before *buying* it.... yea I DO want it, gonna see what other bracelet bags they'll have.... good thing is that its not available until next late feb/march lolol... so theres plenty of time to think about it.
  6. Omg it's gorgeous! And I dont have any bracelet bags yet..?:graucho: But it's pricey for sure...
  7. Ummm...will I get flamed if I say I don't like it? :shame::sweatdrop: Sorry. It's too much for me. Maybe if I see someone carrying it. I don't have a good imagination. I've love all other chloe's at first sight. This one... maybe it's the picture...

    Hope I don't get flamed for this...<hiding>
  8. ^^^^^ LOL

    It's a very unusual bag so it'll be interesting how to rock it... not for everyone's taste.. that's forsure! I love it though... but i :heart: unusual.
  9. Defintely not for me. But I know D&G will look great with that and her MaxMara shoes.
  10. Is that the spawn of the Haley line? I'm iffy on it. I do like the shape but all those crazy hanging coins are kind of looking like a jack-o-lantern smile to me.
  11. Come out of hiding now!

    :shame: My thoughts exactly. Well maybe not the jack-o-lantern comment. What are those dangly round things on the front. It's called bracelet bag because of the round handle right? It's very gypsy...
  12. I'm not too keen either, i love the bracelet bags, but this one just doesn't rock for looks too 'busy'.:shame: And the price..:wtf:

    But of course, we all like different things!:yes:
  13. Oh I love that bag covers you for all accessories - gold or silver, classy yet could be real rock chick! Love it!

  14. Are you a Dolce & Gabbana fan? The
    DG in your ID LOL I am desperately trying to find th name of a Spring 06 bag & can't track it down anywhere.
    It's a large shopper similar size to Mulberry Roxanne I would say. Orange leather with leopard lining and the large D & G in silver I think hanging on front of the bag. can you help? Don't think there is a D&G forum on here or am I missing it? I am going crazy for this bag, saw someone carrying it & have been lusting after it ever since
  15. That's a hefty price for beauty.