HOT D**M!!! Black GSH dreaming!! 1350 for PT and a matching wallet!!!

  1. Girl, I thought you were jonesing for LV! :p:lol:
  2. LOL- I jones for DEALS and this is a steal! :upsidedown:

    but--- I do want LV's, it's just this leather on these bags- drives a woman insane! :graucho:
  3. Heehee, I agree. They look scrumptious!
  4. OMG i should not have clicked that link. It's STUNNING!!!!!!
  5. It is very beautiful. *bites fingernails*

  6. amazing deal! i wish it was regular hardware i would be on this!..well, maybe not since i don't want part-time..if it was a city or work! =)
  7. lol~ couldn't resist

    HOLY TOLEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
  8. gosh the leather is so yummy! if only i didn't have limited funs :yucky:
  9. OMG! :drool: That is just so bloody tempting!!! ARGGHHHHHHH!!!

    I want a black something with SGH but I really should not get another bag now.:crybaby:
  10. Someone posted on the authenticate this Bal thread that this was fake? It was being said the numbers were for the day style on the back of the tag, not the GH part time. So is it legit?
  11. Also since it's been listed for almost 24 hrs already so do you think she would still include the wallet? It says only within 24hrs and it's also listed in another auction. Oh decisions...
  12. wow, what a deal! It's gone, but did you notice that the buyer still had to ask for a lower price...and the seller agreed! I'm sure if the seller had waited, she could've gotten that extra $50. I mean, 50 bucks!!

    As for authenticity, it looks legit, but the price really makes me wonder...
  13. Incredible price! Wow!
  14. I see the wallet sold earlier so maybe she took some off for that?