Hot Curlers Recommendations?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a really good hot curler brand. I've tried several different sets of Connair and I don't find it work at all. Being Asian, my hair is pretty straight but I did get a perm a few years back that still gives me a bit of a wave. I like to get some volume for the top of part of my hair. Any suggestions? I don't feel like getting another perm since my hair always pretty dry.
  2. Jilbere Babyliss Hot Rollers? It's gotten a lot of good reviews on Sally Beauty's website. I have stick straight hair as well. I use Conair Big Curls but the hot rollers only work when they're really hot and I leave them in for awhile. I tried a perm as well and it killed my hair...ended up feeling like straw. Also, if my hair is not completely dry, it won't curl.
  3. My hairdresser suggested I get hot rollers, she said they were so easy instead of slaving infront of the mirror with a brush and hairdryer to get a blow out. She gave me the name of the brand she could order for me when I asked so I could look up reviews. She said it was around $130 or so and I forgot the name, just wondering is this a good idea or should I stick to the brush and hair dryer method?

    Does anyone have a name of rollers that you'd recommend? She said they are hot and you put them in and sit around for 20-30 mins then take them out and it's the easiest thing ever.

    Any thoughts from ladies who use hot rollers would be great so I can decide as this is a big investment for me at the moment.
  4. I agree.

    Traditional "hot rollers" don't actually work on me for some reason, but steam rollers do.
  5. Does your hair have to be dry to use hot rollers or towel dry?

    I want hot rollars as well, but unclear how to use them.
  6. Dry AFAIK. I've never used them or heard of using them w/ damp hair.
  7. I second the reco on Caruso steam rollers -- they're the best, IMO!
  8. I swear by hot rollers. I use Conair.
  9. I love mine! I have a set by RUSK-12 1 1/2 inch ceramic/titanium mix rollers.
  10. What you girls mentioned about some not working for your hair type is rather interesting. I've never had success curling my hair since I was a child because it would just go flat right away, it's thin and very straight but a brush and hair dryer blow out can last up to half a day with a good amount of product in there.

    I'm going to look into which ones are more suitable but the brands you all mentioned you're using really helped me.

    Thank you and will let you know how it goes!
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    Good luck! I have very fine silky hair - I used to have such a hard time curling it. But after highlighting my hair (and damaging it I guess!) I found it held curls better.

    I did a tutorial on how I use the curlers I recommended above:

    xxxx you cannot post links to your blog or ask people to visit there.

    I've found a better way of using the curlers since I wrote that post - the trick is to wrap your hair around it like you would with a curling iron - not curling it under (the old-fashioned way). This gives great beachy curls.
  12. I only posted a link to my blog post because I thought it was relevant to this topic (it had a step-by-step tutorial on how I use steam rollers).

    I didn't realise it was against TPF policy - sorry.

  13. no worries, just a policy. We have to be fair and we remove everyone else's when we notice them :yes:
    You could copy and paste it{?}