hot couple alert:penelope cruz&oliver martinez

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  2. I kinda hope it's true. They would make a very hot and cute couple.
  3. OMG, Olivier Martinez is just sooooo f*cking hot!! :drool:
  4. Who is he?
  5. not a good example.. but he's the hottie in unfaithful.. and he's the bad guy in swat... let me find some other pics of him :love:
  6. Not really a fan of either one. so I'm happy that the pic is tiny.
  7. ahhh I like to still think of him as Kylies :sad:

    I really think he was the love of her life, so Im hoping its not true lol
  8. Don't like him - he hurt our Kylie. I knew he would eventually.
  9. So sad what he did to Kylie after all she had been through!
  10. I like someone better for her...
  11. he's cute..
  12. WHEN did him and Kylie broke up?!:wtf:
  13. Word sister!!
  14. He is just so cute though!
  15. it just seems weird to me how she linked with one guy after another