hot bebe dress... i'd love it for my 18th!


    isn't it the cutest thing? what does everyone think? i'm thinking it'd be super cute for my 18th birthday.. :yahoo:

    i don't suppose anyone's seen this in store in a size s or xs? i was gonna buy it online since i'm in australia but they only have a L left :crybaby:
  2. Its a gorgeous dress!!! I want one...
  3. Such a cute party dress. will only ship to the US & you must have a US credit card as well, believe me I have tried shipping to Canada & they will not
  4. yeah i've got that part worked out since there's a service we have here where there's a girl who lives in america and makes a business out of shipping things to australia at a small fee.

    but yes has anyone seen it at their local store? if you've seen it in an xs or s please PM me :smile:
  5. That is a really cute dress!! Good luck finding it let us know what happens.
  6. That is super cute! Bebe has had a lot of cute dresses this summer. I've bought 5!
  7. Gorgeous dress!
  8. Oh if you call bebe's 1-800 number and give them the style number, they'll do a store search and tell you which ones have it what sizes. I did that once when I had to have this certain dress and the only one was in Texas.
  9. aww, the cute dress is no longer in stock. that's a bummer. that just shows how cute and high in demand it is. i love how it is so colorful! you've got great taste for a young lady
  10. still looking for this dress.. if anyone sees it in store or would be nice enough to call the number for me i will love you forever :smile: reallllllyyy want this dress!!
  11. Yup I've seen this dress when I was there last week. It would definitely be a great dress for your 18th!
  12. very cute dress! love it :heart:
  13. i think it'd be great for your bday!
  14. This dress is very pretty!
  15. That dress is great!