Hot Bebe dress, but why does it bunch?? *pic*

  1. Hi everyone! :smile:
    I went to Bebe's today and tried on this SUPER hot dress. :drool: My body type is thin up top, small bust, and curvy in the hip/butt/thigh area so it's sometimes hard for me to find a sexy yet classy dress. I actually just had to return a fitting dress-shirt type dress in stretchy fabric to Express because it would ride up as I walked and end up bunching by the abdomen. Those hugging knit/sweater dresses look terrible on me because it makes my butt and thighs look big and thick in a bad way. Not a pretty sight! :push: But the dress I tried on today was of a thicker fabric and long so it made me look thin and not overly curvy on the lower half. The material is Acetate/polyamide/spandex blend ---so it has a bit of stretch. The color and style of the dress was very flattering BUT it bunched/wrinkled a lot in the torso area. The dress wasn't tight on me, in that I could go a size smaller. See how it bunches on left side model below but the other side is smooth? When I put the dress on and pulled the hem down, it looked great! BUT, when moved a bit and pretended to walk in the fitting room, it bunched on both sides!! I was shopping alone so its hard to see if I'm being picky or it really doesnt look as nice as it should due to the bunching and so I asked a youthful trendy (in a good way) girl who was trying on clothes. She said the dress was nice but for a dress of this type it shouldn't be bunching, she wasn't impressed with the bunching at all. I asked the SA when I got out and she said it was perfectly normal and fine for a dress of this material; I wasn't sure if she really meant it or she was just tring to make a sale but I wasn't convinced. So here are my questions:

    1) Why does it bunch on me? It wasn't too tight. :shrugs:Is it the material itself? Or is it my figure?... I'm just guessing but maybe because my hip and rear are larger it pushes the excess material up? Would it still happen on someone narrow hipped?

    2) Since it bunches a lot does that mean I shouldn't buy it? Do you think it really would stop bunching and stretch as the SA suggested?

    3) When could I wear this? How often would I get use out of it. (I'm in my 20s) I don't go to black tie events or fancy parties. It has a sheen to it so would it be much for a dinner?

    4) I've never shopped at Bebe's before, do they ever have X% off coupons like at express? Is it the type of store where a good amount of their stuff eventually goes on sale or the type of store where their clothes rarely goes on sale?

  2. Sorry, I really cant help you in regards to the fit. But I can tell you that Bebe almost always puts their clothes on sale. Alot of their items end up on a 65% off rack, or at the Bebe outlet. So, if your not in a rush to get this, maybe you can wait it out?
  3. I think I may own this dress. I don't remember it bunching on me when I wore. I have it in an extra small. I disagree about the Bebe sale comment. I rarely see there stuff on sale and when it is, it is usually a stupid sale, like 89 to 87. However, if you have nowhere to wear it to or any place that you think you might wear, I would wait for something with higher quality to come along.
  4. Usually the things that end up on sale at BeBe are on sale for a reason...not EVERYTHING goes on sale.
  5. We sound like we have the similar body types and unfortunately I too have this bunching problem. I wish I could offer you a solution or answer but I can't, otherwise I wouldn't be walking to work/the store while trying to pull down my shirt all along the way. What I've found is that certain fabrics will bunch more than others; polyester and cotton seem to be more forgiving. Dresses that are a-line shaped or are tight on top, fit the abdomen, then flow away at the bottom seem to work the best for our figures and successfully banish the bunchies.

    FYI Bebe doesn't really offer that many great discounts; every once in a while they will offer $10 off or $25 off your purchase of $150 or something like that, but the clothes don't last that long and do not fit that great in my opinion for the price. That is a really hot dress, though.
  6. yes its true about bebe stuff going on sale and then ending up in the outlets, but those are the stuff that doesn't sell well and are the left overs that don't have sizes left. if you really like something and its your size, get it before u regreat it!
  7. ITA. I buy soooo many of my clothes at BeBe, and dont EVER pay full price! I :heart: their sales rack.