Hot Apple Cider At Chanel 57th!

  1. I forgot to tell you guys when I visited the store over Thanksgiving they had people come up to you with pretty silver trays offering hot apple cider. It was so nice to be offered a warm drink while waiting for my scarf to be wrapped up! So ladies, check it out when in NYC! Also, my SA went nuts over my holiday Tokidoki Vacanze messenger bag :party:
  2. That was nice of them to do. I'd be worried that someone would spill it on some bags though :girlsigh:
  3. They made sure to hand over a napkin with the cider!
  4. ^^^ that was smart of them!
  5. Haha. I wonder if they have that at the Hawaii Chanels. Last time I went they gave me passion orange juice and chocolate shortbread cookies at Chanel and Chanel Fine Jewelry.
  6. What a nice gesture. I was there around 6:30 and no one offered me any cider. :shrugs: haha They were very nice, though. I had two men showing bags because I couldn't make up my mind. :upsidedown:
  7. how thoughtful.. i only get offered WATER at shorthills.. well.. bottled water at least! lolx
  8. LOL, they def. did not have hot apple cider over Thanksgiving..... well I was on Big Island Thanksgiving day but was in both Waikiki and Ala Moana stores the day before and nothing.......Oh well.....still had some very lovely SA's and that's what's most important to me anyway.....