Hot!!!!!!!!!! A-must-have!!

  1. That's so cute! I wish my cc's weren't hurting so much right now:sad:
  2. Yuppie! Cuz I love dior pink bag! and...that's my LOOK: Bronze Skin, white-glitter lips, and blonde hair!!

    -Pink's so girlie!!
  3. That's so CUTE!! How much it is? Where can I buy?
  4. I am so tempted

    any codesx that work with this?
  5. I think there's a 10% off code somewhere.

  6. Hi! Sorry for not responding to your question. Actually, you can just check out It would cost $195 plus tax PLUS FREE SHIPPING: DADGIFT. Thx! Omg... I can't WAIT to get a package in 2 days! I'll try to post em with my pix! Let's see.. :o)