Hosting Thanksgiving and so excited!

  1. I grew up with pretty big Thanksgiving dinners, but for the last several years it's been just my immediate family and my MIL... way boring and not special! But, this year, our toddler is bigger, I'm more rested and we are hosting at our house and opened it up to a group we attend and already 6 people said they are coming! I'm so excited!

    Too bad my new dining set (new to me) won't be here yet, but we have ample seating and dinnerware.

    It's just soooo nice to have company over and to get excited about something. Since we moved here 3.5 years ago, we haven't had ANYONE over except for my best friend who came a couple times and a couple of couples for dinner - that's IT... I don't count my son's birthday party either.

    I love to cook and entertain and it should be WONDERFUL. I make a pretty elaborate spread for dinner and the guests are bring some things too, so we will have TONS of food, but now I'm thinking, how do I want to decorate (without spending money) and what linens do I want to bring out and so on.

    I feel like a little kid because I love planning a party despite knowing the fact I'll be prepping and cooking for two days! LOL

    Anyone else have big Thanksgiving day plans? I also always have the parades on TV in the morning too - I torture my husband with them on every year! (He's gotta deal with SOME of my weird traditions - the man of "I hate traditions"!)