Hostel: Part II

  1. Has anyone seen this? I saw it last Friday and found it to be better than the first one. Granted, it is pretty gory and there are couple of disturbing scenes. However, if you like the first one, the second one is interesting in that the characters are more believable (the three girls) and that it showed the inner workings of the Elite Hunting Group.

    And for fans of Harry Potter, Viktor Krum is in "Hostel: Part II".
  2. I have no idea how people can watch these kinds of movies. I have only seen previews and I can barely stomach them. But whatever floats your boat right!!

    My bf told me the ending is suppose to be the grossest thing to ever be seen in was it???
  3. I was told there is a rape scene in the hostel film - is that true?
  4. I tend to like twisted movies that have sick villians in them. I rented the first Hostel movie since I missed it when it came out in theatres. I was so disappointed in Quentin for being involved in such a mess. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen. Nada, nothing. Such a waste of 2 hours. The SAW movies were much better.
  5. I agree 10000000%%% it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen but SAW (all of them) are brilliant!
  6. No no, not true at all. There is a rape scene in "The Hills Have Eyes 2" though ... now THAT is a crappy movie and a waste of 90 minutes.
  7. One of the scenes near the end is downright painful to watch, especially for guys. Actually, there were several scenes that were painful to watch but that ONE scene was just brutal. Between the first film and the second, the plot flows better on the second one whereas the first one does a better job in terms of juxtapositioning various scenarios (ppl paying for sex vs. ppl paying for murder).

    It definitely does NOT hold a candle to the "Saw" franchise. "Saw" franchise is absolutely brilliant (the ending of the first movie is still IMO one of the best twists in movies) and actually has a much deeper point to the story. However, "Hostel" is still pretty decent in comparison to some of the so-called horror movies out there (once again, "Hills Have Eyes 2" comes to mind).

    I went in there since I was curious to see what Eli Roth is going to do with the sequel. It did explain the inner workings of "Elite Hunting Group" as well as showing us how things work from the "buyers" side. Aside from that, Roth didn't really show us anything new ... it just seems to be pointless gore and that was one of the things that's disappointing about this film.
  8. Thanks for the movie spoiler! I could barely watch the first hostel but wanted to know what happened. Now I dont have to watch the movie!
  9. torture porn.

    it's basically a mass market version, which is really disturbing.
  10. ITA!! I rented the first one and watched it with my (then) 11 year old stepson, who loves scary movies, not knowing it was basically a soft-core porn flick with a little gore thrown in. We pretty much had to fast-forward through the first 2/3 of the movie because of all the gratuitous sex bits. Then the so-called "horror" part was so lame...."Hostel 2"? No thanks!
  11. I totally agree. I'm a huge horror/gore fan. I like to watch sick stuff (don't ask me why, and no, I'm not psycho), but Hostel 1 was a total waste of time for us kids who are into that kind of stuff. I understand how it may be shocking to others, since we all aren't used to the same level of violence on films, or some are more sensitive than others. I might watch Hostel 2 (wishing they will actually deliver this time), but only time will tell!
  12. I thought the 1st one was so much better. The 2nd one is mostly all gore and the story line was boring!
  13. I saw the first one and it was practically soft porn plus a few scraps of blood. I thought it was a little stupid but there's this little tiny part of me that want's to see the second one just to see what happens lol.

    I agree with the poster who said the Saw series were great! It's not just your typical horror movie, it actually has a little brain in it!