Hospital stay option for first day post op.

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  1. So 2 days ago I spoke to a consultant to book my surgery date. I learnt of something interesting. Most clinics in Korea offer a ward stay option even if your surgery doesn't require an overnight at the hospital to monitor your condition. I do suggest this for most people, especially first timers or people undergoing revisions because the first day is always the most important. If you get an infection, its most likely going to occur then. And should that happen god forbid, you will want to be at the hospital/ward where they have medical professionals who can attend to your needs right there and then. Even more so that we are in a foreign country.

    Its also very very cheap to do an overnight at the hospital. Around $200-$300 compared to what we would pay in the US, Canada or Australia, especially seeing as elective surgery is not covered by insurance. During my surgeries in Australia, I choose to pay an extra $1000 for a hospital stay just as a health safety precaution.

    My procedures are revision rhino and acculift, maybe also a forehead augmentation, depending on what the surgeon says when i see him again. Anyways hospital stay is generally not necessary for these procedures but given the low price of $300 i was quoted, seems like a very economical and safer option for my first day post op.

    hope this bit of info helps xx
  2. Hi,

    When is your surgeries? Which clinic do you choose?

  3. thanks for the info! have you had your surgeries at dreammedical already? its on my list and im very curious about them
  4. nah early next month is my surgery. ill write a thread to update