Hosiery with these suede shoes?

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  1. Is it okay to wear hosiery with these shoes?

  2. yes please....it sure is.
  3. yes (tights)
  4. Yes, and just curiously, why would you think not? It's a closed shoe.

    I wish you well,

  5. YES definitely, either sheer or opaque
  6. I wish I had a great answer but I don't!
  7. Yes, they'd look great with tights or hose! Just be aware that you'll get heel slippage, so you might want to put in heel grips or padding (the reason why I don't like wearing hose with pumps.)
  8. I know what you mean but I put insoles in most of my shoes. I guess I thought they would look off with hose. I am so strange about grey!
  9. I agree with everyone, it is a yes! ;)