Hose, hosiery, stockings, nylons, tights (whatever you call them).

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  1. They go by so many names in different areas and come in so many styles, it all gets confusing.

    Do you find that 'better' brands are better? Do they wear better, last longer? Are they more durable?

    I've looked at Wolford, Falke and others, but I'm a bit put off by the prices knowing that it might only take one hangnail or rough edge on a chair somewhere.

    Hanes, Givenchy and Berkshire seem to do as well as any others.

    Recently got some Fiore that aren't too bad.

    But maybe you don't wear them at all?

  2. I love cashmere and wool tights because they are warm yet breathable, feel wonderful, and I like the ultra matte appearance. However, I think they are definitely high maintenance. They need to be hand washed, air dried, and removing pills is a pain.

    In my experience, Wolford is noticeably higher quality than Falke which is noticeably higher quality than other brands, but this comes through in the cashmere / wool content (higher percentage) and the quality of the cashmere or wool (longer staple length = more durable, smaller micron diameter = softer). Wolford feels a lot better than the others, but is not more durable (in my experience). You'll actually see this a lot with wool where the scratchier wools will last longer than the soft ones. So you actually pay more to have a softer wool sweater that pills and wears out much faster than a scratchy one.

    It depends on your sensitivity if it is worth it. I will absolutely pay for softer sweaters, but for tights I think Falke is good enough. I just don't need the extra softness of Wolford.
  3. My collection is almost exclusively Wolford and Falke now, as those are the tights that have lasted for years. Despite some really quite rough wearing, I've yet to ladder anything from either brand - although I'm told that if you get a ladder in a Wolford pair they don't rip, so you can shift the threads back in place. Not sure if this is true as I've never seen it in action, but they're so durable that I'd believe it. Neither brand has stretched out of shape, nor gone baggy at the knees. Personally, I think it's worth it.

    Wolford Pure 50 are my absolute favourite as the waistband is quite thick, and therefore a lot more comfortable during that time of the month than other tights.
  4. I love Wolford Fine Merino Wool Tights! I put them in the washing machine on wool stand along with my other wool items and they come out fine!
  5. ^ You're right, I put mine in the machine using the "handwash" setting. Now that I have a front-load machine, it works fine.

    I do love them and replace every 5 years or so. I remember buying a lot of Falke in 2009 and Wolford in 2011 (to replace a couple of the Falkes plus some extra) and I'm thinking about replacing the whole lot next season. I guess that is pretty good for tights!
  6. Hello! I am a hosiery addict. I only have Wolfords right now. I love my Pure 10s for their amazing feel and also the Pure 50s for their softness and durability. The velvet deluxe 66 are amazingly durable and look great forever.

    What Falke tights do you like?

    Has anyone tried Heist brand?
  7. I wear mainly Falke now, but I used to like DKNY & even Spanx. If the price of Falke turns you off, those may be ok. I still have 2 pairs of DKNY black tights that are about 20 yrs now :amazed: ! She used to make some durable hosiery. DKNY the Nudes are nice, too.
  8. I use thigh high compression stockings (I think in 1 size larger than if I want actual compression). They are sooo durable! :amuse: