1. Anyone know if Horsehair "pulls"? know......wondering.....:P

  2. why are you wondering? shopmom? why why why? ;)
  3. :supacool:
  4. I have had no problems with my horsehair crinoline barenia hac...
  5. :huh:OOOOO.....Do you have a pic you can post, Archangel??? Please???? Or did you already somewhere I can take a look?
  6. My SA said last week that it does catch on some things, some horsehairs stick outward, did not change a thing for me - I LOVE HORSEHAIR!!! I LOVE HORSEHAIR!!!:love: :drool: :love: :drool: :love:

    ....I LOVE HORSEHAIR!!!! -Spill!:smile:
  7. I have heard on several occassions that it is exceptionally durable. H A few owners of pieces have raved about it to me as well as my SA, who suggested it as a good SO combo possibility. However, I cannot speak about refurbishing possibilities if there are snags. Sorry that this is all 2nd-hand info. I would also love to see arcangel's HAC!
  8. [​IMG]

    Here she is
  9. You cannot refurbish, but SA said to me that horsehair is very durable, indeed!!.:drool:
  10. Drool, drool, drool!!!!:drool: I ADORE yours Archangel!!!
  11. close up... at some places, tiny ends of the hair stick out but are hardly noticeable..

  12. Your HAC is completely gorgeous, archangel, :heart: :heart: :heart: !!! I love it - Thanks for sharing the picture.
  13. Yowza!!!! What a stunning bag, Archangel!!!! Really, beautiful!!!!
  14. so beautiful!!!
  15. Uh...........oh..... something is brewin'