Horsebit or Dionysus ?

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Which one?

  1. 1955 horsebit

    8 vote(s)
  2. Dionysus

    14 vote(s)
  1. I have preordered horsebit through department store and it’s going to be a while until they send it out.

    meanwhile I have been obsessed with Gucci blue leather Dionysus with blue crystals .
    Horsebit is very casual and everyday bag and I feel like it’ll be a easy bag . Dionysus is feels little more dressy.

    I am not into silver hardware but works with that bag . I also don’t have to wait for it.

    should I wait for horsebit or just get Dionysus?

    They’re both very different but only these two I am in love with

    papertiger what would you do ?

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  2. Ha ha, it's too funny you ask me. I'm trying to choose between the lizard Dionysus with stones and waiting for the python 1955 :lol:

    I suppose the Dionysus is more dressy. Will you use a dressy bag by day?

    I don't have either yet BTW so I've always though a Dionysus was overdue but the 1955 is the most classic Gucci bag ever made. I don't think I can justify both. I do think the 1955 will go up in price if it proves popular.
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  3. Hahaha same dilemma !
    i have one Gucci Dionysus with bamboo handle and honestly it’s been my go to bag. It really elevates outfits and at the same time casual because it has web strap. I am so in love with it . I went back to Gucci one day and saw the one with crystals and I was blown away . I still think about that bag :smile:)

    My exact thoughts are Dionysus been around so long and it’s overdue but double tigers are now established . It’s been in the 2020 runway and Alessandro Michele was carrying the new gray one.
    I’m not sure about the horsebit too much . Like horsebit loafers , there is so many knock offs out there and it’s hard to tell the original . It’s very subtle , classic and great everyday bag but I feel like I can get a decent beige everyday bag without spending that much .

    I think i might yolo on this one and go with Dionysus. I just don’t know . I want someone to tell me what to do lol .

    Are you thinking about lizard Dionysus in metallic gold or silver ?
  4. Dionysus. I have the mini shoulder in black with crystals. They are beautiful and go with everything any time.
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  5. I like the look of the Dionysus much better. :heart:
  6. I like both and they don't compete with each other so difficult to choose. Not helpful I know, but just wanted to say, try to take the availability issue out of the equation and make sure that if you get the Dyonisus it is not because it happens to be the one immediately available.
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  7. Both are nice bags. However, I really like the vintage/classic feel of the 1955 bag. That’s what gets my vote!
  8. I like both, you cannot go wrong. I guess I would get the 1955 Horsebit if I could not get both.