Horsebit Nail Boston a Neiman Marcus Exclusive??

  1. Hi everyone!! I've been looking through the Gucci website and just couldn't find this bag there except on the Neiman Marcus website...does anyone know if the Horsebit Nail Medium Boston is a Neiman Marcus Exclusive? Because I sooooo want to buy it in stores and being in Canada doesn't help if it's a Neiman Marcus exclusive *sniff* I really hope it isn't but maybe you Gucci experts can help! thanks :biggrin:
  2. Hmm I agree but only Neimans has the monogram (which is what I want), so I'm a bit iffy about it. But you're right -- since it's on Saks in leather it might not be an exclusive but why isn't it on the Gucci website? :confused1:
  3. Gucci itself doesn't stock everything they make... Neimans may have been the only one to buy that particular fabric/trim combination!
  4. Oh thanks so much :biggrin: Hopefully if I go in stores they will know what bag I'm talking about! Eeeeek I'm excited!!!
  5. Very Beautiful Bag!! i hope you get it :graucho: